Only Part of My Wood Floor Is Worn

Over the years many people have told me “only part of my wood floor is worn“. There is nothing unusual about this at all because we all use certain parts of rooms more than others, and if you have rugs on your wood floors then your traffic areas are even more concentrated.

The most common areas to be worn down are: entry areas, especially coming from a carport or a doorway where people walk in frequently with wet feet, in front of appliances in the kitchen, the traffic lane down hallways, etc.

So what to do? More often than not, the floor has gotten worn down through the topcoat, through the sealer, through the stain in the wood, and now the wear area is pretty much now all raw wood. More often than not though, homeowners don’t realize that the floor is worn down to raw wood because the dirt has gotten ground down into the wood, making it blend in with the rest of the floor.

Wood floors that are worn down this much are impossible to keep clean. Raw wood is like a gigantic sponge-it absorbs almost everything that comes in contact with it. This gets to be a rather unsanitary situation, but because the dirt on the floor is making it blend in with the rest of the wood, the homeowner is not aware of what is going on. When we work on floors in this condition we remove a tremendous amount of dirt, grease, grit and who knows what else from the grain of the wood as part of the process.

only part of my wood floor is worn
stripped floor showing worn areas

Let’s take a typical situation in an entry foyer, where the first two steps into the house have become dirty, worn, and darkened with moisture getting tracked in. Would it be possible to just work on that specific area in the foyer and not do the rest of the room?

Yes it would be possible to do this but it would not look as good as if we worked on the entire room, and here’s why:

As part of the Worn Wood Magic process we remove all the contaminants in the wood from the worn areas, leaving the floor perfectly clean and dry and ready to accept new stain and finish. As part of the process, we make a custom stain color so that the worn area will match in stain color to the rest of the room. But wood floors change in color over time and even parts of a room that get almost no wear can oxidize a slight bit, meaning that there color changes. When we lightly go over the floor with our wet sanding process, we remove that slight bit of oxidation, revealing the true stain color of the floor underneath.

So, by working on the entire room, we are able to reveal the true color of the floor that we need to match the worn area to-we wouldn’t know what that color was unless we worked on the entire room.

Another factor is matching the sheen of the finishes. The scene of your wood floor changes over time also. By “sheen” I mean it’s glossiness-high-gloss, semigloss, satin, flat-those are the sheens available for wood floors.

As part of the Worn Wood Magic process we almost always use a satin sheen, which has a sort of beautiful ‘glow’ effect. However if we are only applying new finish to the worn area, then it is impossible to match up the sheen between the new finish and the old finish.

So to keep this problem from happening and to make it so the worn area now blends in with the rest of the room, we lightly go over the entire room instead of just a worn area, and we apply new finish to the entire room also. This makes everything flatten out and blend in and creates a pleasing look to the entire room once again.

So yes, the statement “only part of my wood floor is worn” is one that we have dealt with hundreds of times over the years, and we fix it and make everything blend in and look nice again by working on not just those worn areas, but the entire room.