Restore Wood Floor

When someone sets out searching “restore wood floor”, they find quite a bit of varied and conflicting information. A lot of people are trying to sell their product that is going to “restore” a wood floor by using their particular product, but wood floors come in many different forms and many different types of wood and are installed in many different sort of areas and are finished in many different ways, so there is no product that you can buy off-the-shelf that will “restore” all wood floors.

Something that quite often adds to the confusion is that there is a big difference between restoring a wood floor and sanding a wood floor
-they are not the same thing at all
– here’s a floor we restored without sanding:

Restore your wood floor!
Restore your wood floor!

With a true wood plank floor, not a prefinished or engineered floor,
what you have are actual boards of wood that are nailed down to make a floor – that is what we most often work with


Wood flooring is an organic material that has many different layers to it, similar to the layers of an onion. Wood floors don’t peel like onions peel, but while a living tree they have been built up over time by nature and they have fibers that form the thickness of the plank that is nailed to the floor.
So, restoring a wood floor means working with the existing wood and bringing it back to beauty

Sanding a wood floor is not restoring the existing floor
-instead it is removing a layer of the wood that is nailed to the floor and then applying finish to that new layer of wood.

Sanding is by-nature a destructive process

Sanding is by nature a destructive process: There are only so many times that a wood floor can be sanded.

We have worked on many floors that had been unnecessarily sanded over and over again, to the point where the floor could not ever be sanded again – the wood floors were down to the thickness of the installation nails.

So let’s talk about when the floor can be restored, and when the floor has to be sanded and refinished.

The floor has to be sanded, that is, a layer of the floor has to be removed in order to get the floor back to its intended beauty, when there is major damage to the floor such as warping, cupping, deep dark spots from pets and chemical stains, or if you are wanting to change the basic color of the floor, or you are having to match newly installed wood with wood that has already been installed

In all these above cases, more often than not the floor will have to be sanded in order to make it look good.

Restoring the Wood Floor

With those above scenarios eliminated, quite often a wood floor can instead be restored, which means working with the existing floor and it’s existing color and its existing finish.

To restore a wood floor most often means that it will at the very least need to be recoated with finish and quite possibly it will need to be re-stained in areas that are worn, and also thoroughly prepped in such a way that the floor finisher is confident that the floor will accept a new coat of finish.

Accepting a new coat of finish

“Accepting a new coat of finish” in this sense means that the floor is perfectly clean, open to bonding, free of contaminants, and as even a color as possible.

These are all things that the Worn Wood Magic process does as part of the Worn Wood Magic system. We’re the originators of this process and there is no other company that does what we do. There is a very good reason for this:

When the floors is sanded, then the floor crew does not have to be concerned about what color the floor is, what contaminants might be on the floor, what kind of finishes on the floor, none of that:

They just take a layer off the wood so it is raw wood throughout, and then apply their stain and finish. This does not take any evaluation and any knowledge of existing floor conditions-it is pretty much a cut and dried process.

We Provide a customized solution
for your particular floor

With Worn Wood Magic, we have to evaluate your floor and come up with a customized solution for your particular floor. Sometimes the particular solution may vary, even from room to room, because rooms may have different types of wood in them and be stained different colors.

So when you’re looking to have your wood floor restored, keep the above points in mind -there is no out of the bottle floor ‘restore’ product that works.

Also keep in mind also that if you have an older home, there is a possibility that your floor has been sanded so many times it cannot be sanded again.

If it is all possible, try to restore
your wood floor

In general if it is all possible, try to restore your wood floor instead of sanding your wood floor
-all those bags of dust they’re going out the door when the floors being sanded?

That’s your floor going out the door.

If you’re looking to restore wood floor in the Atlanta area then call Worn Wood Magic and we can perform a beautiful, real wood floor restoration on your floor
call us today.