Refinishing Parquet Floors Midtown Atlanta

Refinishing parquet floors Midtown Atlanta is another example of our wonderful WornWoodMagic restoration process.

Refinishing parquet floors is a special process best accomplished by a dustless no-sanding method.

This is because sanding machines sand floors in one direction only and parquet floors run in two directions.
So what happens when you try to sand parquet floors is that you have sanding marks on half of  the floor – not good at all.
Parquet wood floor refinishing examples:


kitchen parquet wood floor before WornWoodMagic
kitchen parquet wood floor before WornWoodMagic


kitchen parquet wood floor after Worn Wood Magic
kitchen parquet wood floor after Worn Wood Magic

With the Worn Wood Magic no dust sandless refinishing method, what we do first is use our special formulas to remove all the grit grease and grime that might have gotten into the floor.

Next, we rinse and dry the floor so it is perfectly clean and ready to accept finishes.

For the next step, we make a custom stain color – this is very important.

Parquet floors, because they are made up of many small strips of wood, tend to have quite a lot of color and hardness variation
– so a stain color that will work for all these pieces of flooring becomes crucial for the final product.
We do something unique and exclusive
– we make custom
water-base wood floor stains.
This is a major advantage not only for the results we acheive, but also for you the homeowner, and here’s why:

A water-base stain dries rapidly and is perfectly compatible with the waterbase Swedish finishes that we use, so you get a beautiful durable floor.

Because of the compatiblility and rapid drying, you also get back to living in your home much quicker also – a major advantage!

It has become extremely difficult to find true water-base wood floor stains

Most wood floor companies  because of this use some sort of oil-base stain – so even if they are going to use a fast-drying waterbase urethane topcoat, they have to wait a long time before it can be applied – why?

Because oil and water don’t mix – the oil base stain has to dry and off-gas before it can be topcoated with waterbase finishes.

So refinishing parquet floors Midtown Atlanta is another example of our wonderful wood floor restoration process with WornWoodMagic!
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