Pickled Floor Before-After Refinishing

This pickled floor before-after refinishing project was a lot of work – being a parquet floor with a lot of wear areas, you could say it was one of our “extreme” WornWoodMagic projects, of which you can find other examples of on this site.

White or ‘pickled’ floors are the ONLY kind of floors where we can potentially change the color of the floor.

In this particular case, the floor had areas that were much darker than the other areas.  These very dark, very worn areas had to be lightened as much as possible to build them back up to make them blend in with the rest of the floor areas as much as possible.  For this reason, we found it necessary to lighten the floor color in general.

In the before and after floor refinishing video, it is obvious what areas these were – definite wear patterns.

The other situation was dealing with a lot of water damage to the floor, where the windows in the past had leaked, causing the parquet to darken, separate and swell.  These areas were considerably improved by using the appropriate color floor filler, plus re-staining with an eye to lighten the areas as much as possible.

So, this pickled floor before-after refinishing project was definitely worth doing and certainly a win all around.