Pine Floor Restoring and Refinishing

With pine floor restoring and refinishing, you’ll find pine floors are much softer than oak and many other types of wood flooring.  However, they can be absolutely beautiful and can give you many years of excellent service and pleasure of use.
There are a few things to remember when considering pine floor refinishing:

Pine tends to splinter (LONG splinters!) – keep your floors well-sealed to help prevent this.

Pine tends to turn orange if you use oil base urethane – so use waterbase!

Here’s some before/after pictures
we’ve done of pine floors

BEFORE – Notice how extremely worn this floor is in the middle, traffic area. This picture is after our stripping process, after removing all the grunge down in the grain, you can see how abused, dull, and dry the floor really is. The stripping process removed all the dirt, grease and grit that was in the wood and left it looking very light, as in the photo.

pine floor before restoration with WornWoodMagic
pine floor before restoration with WornWoodMagic

The wear areas in this room were large, and you can see that the floor had been worn down through the original finish and stain down to the bare raw wood. Areas this large, especially with pine, are hard to match color-wise – the grain is very open and it takes a lot of restoration – but we were up to the challenge!

AFTER – notice how the grain is filled in, the color is restored, the wood is rich and rejuvenated

Pine floor AFTER WornWoodMagic restoration
Pine floor AFTER WornWoodMagic restoration

.So when you need some pine floor restoration and refinishing, give Worn Wood Magic a call:

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