wood floor refinishing Marietta

Here’s an example of a wood floor refinishing Marietta job we did not too long ago – please check out the video below.

We do a lot of vintage floors, but this was a much more contemporary one, probably about 20 years old.  It looked like it still had the original finish and stain color from when the house was built, which was a golden oak color.

Golden oak is a beautiful color for wood floors, especially for oak floors.  With pine floors usually you get a natural yellow or golden color, although we often have to restain pine floors with some color in the golden oak range of color as part of the Worn Wood Magic process.

The main areas that needed work on this particular floor were in the den right off of the deck, in the kitchen in a few particular spots, in a hallway, and a certain wear area in a bedroom.

The homeowner was smart and called us in pretty much in the nick of time to restore the floor before things got too out of hand.  The den area just outside the deck entry was of a particular concern, thinking that there might be water damage, but we were able to get to it and even out the color.

wood floor refinishing Marietta oak floor
wood floor refinishing Marietta oak floor

This was particularly a good thing because with the oak floor re-sealed again it should help considerably with preventing any water damage from walking in with wet feet from the deck in the future.

So, this wood floor refinishing  Marietta job turned out nice as you can see – love doing those golden oak floors!