Who we are

Hello, I’m Dennis Baird,Dennis Baird wood floor refinishing

– I’ve been a contractor in Atlanta for over 30 years and quality work for you is my first concern!

I use only the best stains and finishes for your floors – after all that major preparation, it only makes sense to use the best to finish with.

I also use waterbase stains – if you check around, waterbase stains are hard to find. They went onto the market for the general consumer (such as at Home Depot) and then they disappeared – I believe it is because people just don’t know how to use waterbase stain properly

– but when you do know how, then it is great!

A great deal of the floor work I do is for Real Estate professionals – quite often when someone moves out of a house, then you can really see what shape the floors are in

– that’s where WornWoodMagic comes in – I can make them beautiful again and in no time flat the home is ready to show.

Same thing for buying a house – you don’t want the dust, don’t want to wear your floor away, so we come in and make the floors look great before you move in!

feel free to contact me to learn more