Wood Floors Peeling

Wood floors peeling are, unfortunately, a common problem. When you are restoring a wood floor (which is what Worn Wood Magic does) or refinishing a wood floor (sanding), everything has to be done correctly step-by-step. There are no shortcuts, and people and/or companies that either don’t know what they’re doing or try to take shortcuts will end up with the wood floors peeling, or worse.

By “peeling wood floors”, what I mean is the finish on top of the wood is popping up, flaking off, or coming off in sheets. If you do a search for “wood floors peeling” you’ll see lots of posts by do-it-yourselfers who had messed up their wood floors. There are lots of other instances also where the people hired to clean their house used the wrong things and the wrong methods on the wood floors and messed them up that way.

Then, there are the companies that actually mostly do carpet cleaning and other kinds of cleaning and list “wood floor cleaning” as part of their services. I’m here to tell you now that there is no overlap in knowledge and expertise between carpet cleaning and working on wood floors – they are completely different things and it is a mistake to hire companies that don’t specialize in working on wood floors.

When these companies work on wood floors, maybe while they are cleaning the carpet in another part of the house, they do some kind of ‘buff and recoat’ or ‘clean and wax’ or ‘screen and recoat’, something like that where they leave something shiny on top of the wood floor and they collect the check and they are out the door.

Here’s the major problem involved with this:

Problems with peeling wood floors don’t usually show up until a couple of weeks have gone by. Then the homeowner is stuck with the problem, more often than not. Why does this happen?

The main reason is that the floor was not prepared correctly. In order for a professional wood floor finish to bond to a wood floor, the surface of the floor must be perfectly prepared to accept the wood floor finish so that it will bond to the wood. Then, any further coats of finish on top of that must also be going on top of a floor that is perfectly prepared to accept them.

This is the main reason why there are so many wood floor sanding companies and so few wood floor restoration companies.  When a company sands a wood floor down to the bare wood, they know that there is no barrier to staining and finishing the wood floor because they’ve already sanded everything off the top of it. Everything is just a standard procedure-sanding down to bare wood, and then build it up from there. Of course, this process has the major disadvantage of removing an irreplaceable layer of your wood floor, and this can only be done so many times before the floor is too thin to sand anymore.

With wood floor restoration, which is what Worn Wood Magic does, we remove everything from the floor that could be a possible barrier to further staining and refinishing of the floor. This is an extensive process, and involves a wet sanding process, a chemical extraction process, bleaching of the wood in some cases, quite often hand scraping, and extensive evaluation of the wood from room to room. This requires a lot of knowledge, judgment, and expertise. It is not a standard process at all-the method is varied according to what your floor, from room to room, needs.

Needless to say, your typical cleaning company has absolutely no idea how to do any of this. Floors being floors, all kinds of things get on to them-stuff from pets, dropped food, cosmetics and other chemicals, cleaning solutions used over the years, innumerable substances tracked in from outside, chemical reactions to carpets and rugs-the list goes on and on. So anything less than being extremely step-by-step thorough in the preparation of the wood floor is more often than not going to result in the floor finish not bonding properly. You can’t just “guess I got everything” and then put some finish on the floor. It just doesn’t work well at all.

So if you don’t want to see your wood floors peeling but you do want a beautiful floor that lasts for years and years, and especially if you don’t want to go through the harsh and stressful sanding process where you end up with a thinner floor, then you should seriously consider the Worn Wood Magic floor restoration process.