Pet stains in wood floors

Pet stains in wood floors are an especially serious problem with wood floors. If a pet makes any sort of ‘deposit’ on the floor, it is best to get it up immediately. If something is not discovered until later, you will be lucky if it hasn’t soaked down into the grain of the wood.

The worst problems of all are where a pet repeatedly goes to an area that you

pet stains in wood floors
typical pet stains in wood floors

can’t tell is getting wet, until the rug or carpet is removed. Then, you see that there is a big dark spot on the wood floor.

With stains in general on wood floors, the darker the stain is then the deeper down into the grain of the wood the stain has gone into. So what you’ll see is the stain is darkest at its middle and then becomes lighter toward the edges. At the time of this writing, there is nothing that chemically can remove pet stains from wood floors. Even sanding the wood floor more often than not will not remove all of the pet stain. Once again, the darker the stain, then the deeper down into the grain it goes.

If you want to completely remove a pet stain from a wood floor, than what you have to do is replace those boards. Sanding can shrink the size of the stain sometimes, and the Worn Wood Magic process can shrink the size of the stain sometimes also, but it will not remove the stain.

The chemical nature of pet stains are such that if the area stays wet for long enough, it will break down and through the strongest of wood floor finishes.

So if you have area rugs on your wood floor and you have suspicions of what your pets are doing on top of the rugs, then you need to check those areas frequently and take care of any problems immediately.

Pets are great but pet stains in wood floors are pretty much unmanageable once you already have them. Cleaning the area thoroughly and resealing is always a good idea to try and keep your pets from going back to that same area. Most often you have to become philosophical about the stains, calling them what real estate agents refer to as “character marks.”  If you are going to have character marks, especially from pet stains in wood floors, then you can either keep them covered with rugs or furniture or take the extreme step of replacing those boards.