Wood Floor Refinishing Atlanta

Wood Floor Refinishing Atlanta:
Would You Like to Make Your Floors Beautiful and Durable with No Dust, Fast Dry Times, and Save Money in the Process?

You deserve a beautiful floor- and a safe no-dust process

Walk on your floors that night
Renew your floor, restore your color,
and get 2 coats Bona Kemi commercial floor finish in just a few hours
Wood is great material to work with – it is an organic material that responds wonderfully to the right treatment
– we’ve been restoring wood floors in Atlanta for over 20 years with our exclusive “Worn Wood Magic” process

WornWoodMagic is fast – if there is no furniture to move, quite often your floor can be completed in one day.
kitchen wood floor - before





kitchen wood floor after
What’s the biggest problem most people have with their wood floors?

They get worn down, dry and dull-looking – especially in certain areas:
We’re talking kitchens, halls, entry ways, foyers, under chairs in the dining room, and those first few steps in from the garage
– does any of that sound familiar to you?

It’s a shame: otherwise-gorgeous homes that have wood floors in high traffic areas… that need wood floor refinishing in the Atlanta area –

The rest of the floor may look great, but those worn areas are also your high traffic areas and are what everyone sees – so you’ve got to get something done!

The trouble is, flooring companies want to sand the entire floor in order to fix those worn areas.
Why? Because they just don’t know how to do what we do

Refinishing hardwood floor

– with WornWoodMagic it IS possible to redo your floors and make them beautiful without sanding them down to bare wood and all the attendant hazards and dust and inconvenience and major expense.

Then there’s cleaning companies that really specialize in other kinds of work but will do a “screen-and-recoat” on your floor or maybe mop some acrylic on top instead – which doesn’t fix the problem if there’s any wear at all

– a “screen-and-recoat” service can’t handle anything but the most minor of surface scratches, much less deal with other issues such as areas worn down to the bare wood, possible wax on your floor, water spots, etc.

And you don’t want anything other than professional quality polyurethane on your floor if you want low maintenance.

So what is WornWoodMagic?

WornWoodMagic restores your floor through a process of wet sanding/screening/stripping, bleaching and then restaining worn areas to match the rest of your floor,then recoating with commercial quality waterbase urethane, giving you a pristine, beautiful, durable, easy-to-maintain floor you can be proud of

We use Bona Swedish Finish
on Your Floors

– and we do all this with no oil-base strippers,
stains or finishes – so there’s no lingering odors, and absolutely no dust.

WornWoodMagic is very unique and at this time is only available for wood floor refinishing in the metro Atlanta area –

Please take a look at more pages of this site to see what we can do for you and to find out if your floor is eligible for all the advantages of getting yours refinished with the WornWoodMagic system.

WornWoodMagic is absolutely dustless, doesn’t wear your floor away (like sanding does), and uses all waterbase solutions and coatings so there is no hazardous, dangerous, objectionable lingering odors like there is with oil base stains and finishes,
worn wood floor before




worn wood floor after
So for wood floor refinishing Atlanta
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