Wood Floor
Refinishing Marietta

A hard choice for your wood floor

If you are living on a wood floor, you may be facing a hard choice. You want your floor to be beautiful and long-lasting but the options you are being offered are too painful, too expensive, too intrusive, and you wish there was another way.
There is a better way – we are located in Marietta for your wood floor refinishing in Marietta needs.

hardwood floor refinishing Marietta
hardwood floor refinishing Marietta

The Worn Wood Magic process could very well be the process that you’ve been looking for.

The Worn Wood Magic process is a system for restoring wood floors without sanding – A proven system that has been in use for over 30 years

 The reason that this method is likely not one you’ve heard of before is because it requires a high level of knowledge and attention to be paid to the existing condition of the floor, and the system has to be adapted and modified, sometimes varied from room to room, and so it is not something easily franchised.

Most wood floors have worn areas that need to be fixed

Most wood floors have worn areas that need to be fixed so that they blend in with the rest of the wood floors that are not worn.

To accomplish this with the Worn Wood Magic system we strip the floor of all existing dirt grease grit grime and other contaminants, while simultaneously drying the floor and getting it ready for staining and refinishing. 

 Because we are matching existing floors with the worn area, and quite often we are making custom stains to match, sometimes making custom stains room by room.

Many factors involved

 Often too, one floor might have had a different type of finish put on it then say, the upstairs floors and so we have to vary the method in that way also. There are many factors involved.

Contrast this with sanding

 Contrast this with sanding and refinishing:  sanding and refinishing companies propose having this done to your floor because although it is a radical thing to do to your beautiful wood floor, taking off a layer of your wood that can never be replaced, it is an easy thing for them to do.

Sanding companies don’t have to analyze what is on the existing floor, they don’t have to match stains from room to room or figure out how to make a worn area  match the rest of the floor. They just nuke the floor –  they just sand it all down to bare wood and start all over again: it is a standardized process for them.

Not too good for your wood floors 🙁

 Sanding is not too good for you and your floors in most cases, which is why we developed the Worn  Wood Magic system.

Cases where your floor MUST be sanded

Here are the instances where sanding and refinishing a floor are absolutely necessary:

  • You want to change the color of the floor entirely
  •  there is a tremendous amount of paint or other similar substances adhered to the floor, such as glue
  •  there are deep scratches that needs to be removed from the floors
  •  there are too many layers of a wax that should have not been used on a wood floor

The instances above are cases where we cannot use the Worn  Wood Magic system.

Of course we would like to be able to apply it to all wood floors but the Worn  Wood Magic system  is a system of restoring floors and the situations above are where floors are  already in too bad of shape to just be restored but instead have to have a layer removed, in other words, sanded.

 It could very well be once you’ve look at your floor and determined that it may be a candidate for the Worn  Wood Magic system.

 If so, here are some of the major advantages for you:

  • Absolutely no dust in the Worn  Wood Magic process
  • Fast drying –  we use commercial grade water-based urethane
  •  no fire hazard, which is a problem with all  oil based products
  • you get to keep the thickness of your wood floor –  it doesn’t go out the door in dust bags from sanding
  • you get a beautiful, natural  sheen on  your wood
  •  more advantages that we’d be happy to tell you about

  • for your wood floor refinishing Marietta needs, we are located in Marietta GA and are ready to serve you.


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